Dr. Peter Purg currently leads the New Media module in the Digital/Media Arts and Practices graduate/postgraduate programme at the School of Arts, University of Nova Gorica, where he acts as assistant professor, international projects coordinator as well as expert/evaluator in realms of culture and media. He holds a PhD in media art, communication science and literature from the University of Erfurt (Germany), publishing and producing in and in-between the areas.

His artistic interests range from intermedia performances and interactive installations to web, sound and body art, with a particular focus on public space. His scientific inquiries include media arts pedagogy, collective authorship, discourse poetics, media ecology and culture jamming as well as interaction design, e-learning, interdisciplinary and intercultural management. He currently leads three international academic projects, ADRIART (Advancing Digitally Renewed Interactions in Art Teaching), IDEATE (Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Application for Transforming Education in High Technologies) as well as the award-winning HiLoVv (Hidden Lives of Venice on Video).